Advertising Properties

Properties are advertised each week. 

The adverts contain information about the landlord, location, size, rent and other features of the property, to help you decide which properties are right for you.

Different symbols are used to provide information about the property. To see what each symbol means, just place/hover the cursor over the image and an explanation will appear.

The advert also tells you if there are any special requirements that the applicant must meet, such as age requirements and which band will be given preference for the property. If you are not in the band stated you may still apply for the property providing it is suitable for your family size.

Where available a photograph of the property or a similar house type is provided and you can access information about the local area and facilities.

Expressing an interest in a property

You can bid for up to 4 properties each week. You can bid in any of the following ways:

  • On this website
  • By telephone on 01495 742409

If you are having difficulties with your application or need help with bidding please contact a member of the Homeseeker Team on 01495 742409 or

Alternatively, please view the Help page on our website which provides further information and guidance on bidding.

You will only be able to bid on properties that you are eligible for and ‘bids’ will not be accepted after the close of the advert.