Shared Housing

What is Shared Housing?

Shared housing is where a property is rented out by two or more people.

Each occupant will have their own bedroom, but will share communal areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Sharing a property offers tenants greater financial benefits; with more affordable rents and reduced utility costs.

Why is it a good option?

In Torfaen, there are a limited number of properties for single people, so if two applicants wish to share and apply for a 2 bed flat or maisonette, they can often be rehoused more quickly on the Homeseeker register.

Shared housing also means that rental costs and household expenses are shared, making the tenancy more affordable.

How do I apply?
All applicants wishing to apply for housing would need to make a joint application and follow the Homeseeker application process.
For more information about applying to join Homeseeker, please click here