Are you ready to move

You should consider the following questions before you decide whether you can afford a tenancy:

Have you worked out your budget?

Costs are difficult to calculate, but you need to be realistic when making estimates for furniture, gas, electric and food etc. You may also have other expenses such as phone bills, credit card bills, travel costs and clothing.

It is important that you are realistic and know what you can afford, otherwise you may struggle and will be at risk of losing any accommodation.

Please click here for some guideline figures of household running costs: 

Do you have furniture/furnishings?

Most properties which are allocated through the Homeseeker Partnership are unfurnished, so you will need to purchase the following items:

  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Cooker
  • Sofa
  • Washing Machine
  • Carpets/Curtains/Towels
  • Beds/Bedding

You may be able to apply for help to buy some of the items listed above but this will depend on your income. 

Do you have rent in advance?

Partner landlords of Torfaen Homeseeker will require you to pay rent in advance.  This varies by landlord but can be up to 1 month rent in advance. Landlords will usually complete an affordability assessment to understand what you can afford to pay up-front.

Rents vary from property to property, but range from approximately £80 to £140 per week. So you must start saving for this, should you be offered accommodation. 

Be Aware:
If you are an existing tenant who is moving into another housing association property, you would have to pay rent in advance on your new home and continue to pay the weekly rent for your existing home, which means that for one week, you would be paying rent on 2 properties.
For this reason, it is very important, that you move into your new home as quickly as possible and return the keys for your existing home, otherwise you will be liable for rent on the two properties.

If you hand in the keys to your current home at the same time as collecting the keys to your new home, you will avoid having to pay rent on both properties.

How much will it cost to move?

You will need to consider removal costs and how you are going to transport your belongings.

Do you owe rent on your current or a previous tenancy?

Important: You may be overlooked for properties if you are not making regular payments to reduce/clear your arrears

If you do not already have a payment plan in place and wish to discuss this further, please contact your current/former landlord directly:

  • Bron Afon  0800 111 4242
  • Melin Homes 01495 745910
  • Pobl 01633 679911
  • Linc Cymru 0800 072 0966
  • United Welsh 0800 294 0195
  • Hafod 02920 675800

Do you need further help or support?
If you need further help or support then please contact a member of the Homeseeker Team on 01495 742409.