Accessible Housing

Sometimes an applicant will require an accessible/adapted home due to their mobility issues, to enable them to maintain their independence.

There are a range of options available for people with mobility problems to ensure they are living in a suitable home.

Remaining in your current home:
Your home may be proving difficult to manage now, but you may be able to make adaptations to your home to make it more suitable for you. If you are a Housing Association tenant, you are currently renting your home from a private landlord or you own your home, you can refer yourself to the Council’s Social Services Department to request further advice and assistance, who may arrange for an Occupational Therapist to visit you at home to undertake an assessment of your
needs. If you wish to refer yourself for further help from Social Services you can either do so by visiting your local Council Office or by contacting the Council on 01495 762200. If you are a Housing Association tenant you may also wish to contact your landlord directly to see what support and assistance they can offer to help you to remain in your home.

Moving to a new home:
If you are unable to adapt your current home or you wish to move to an accessible/adapted property, the Homeseeker partners have a number of adapted properties that are advertised via the Homeseeker website. These adaptations could include:

  • Stair lifts
  • Wider doors
  • Grab rails
  • Level access showers

The Homeseeker partners are working hard to ensure that they can identify which properties contain an adaptation so that when they are advertised, applicants know which properties would best suit their needs. The landlords will often include details on the property adverts to identify the adaptations available but if you are unsure and want more information regarding a specific home, you should contact the landlord directly for further information.

Only applicants who have provided proof that they need an adapted property are able to bid on adapted properties. Proof could include a letter from an occupational therapist, other health professional, proof of disability benefits etc.

If a property is adapted, then a disabled symbol (a wheelchair) will appear on the Homeseeker advert. This means that the property has been identified as accessible/adapted by the landlord and will only accept bids from applicants who have been assessed as requiring an accessible/adapted property.