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Cost of Living Advice Event

Published: Monday 15 May 2023

Bron Afon Community Housing in Partnership with Welsh Water will be running a 'Cost of Living Advice Event'. This event is open to anyone wishing to pop along for some advice and information (you do not need to be living in a Bron Afon property). 

See information below for date, times and venues for the event;

Cohousing Survey

Published: Tuesday 17 January 2023

Please find below a link to a survey, which Bron Afon and Cwmpas are using to explore whether there is demand for the development of cohousing in Torfaen.   Your answers are really valuable to us, but you can opt out at any point.

Your responses are anonymous but you have the opportunity to leave contact details if you would like to find out more, and/or be entered into a draw to win a £100 shopping voucher.

Cohousing is a form of community-led housing which allows people to live in their own private house or apartment but share some resources, space and purpose in common with other members of a group. ‘Housing with built-in social connections’, to quote a resident of New Ground, a mixed-tenure, co-housing development in London which offers a vision for what co-housing could look like in Wales (see this video for more information).

Bron Afon is a Registered Social Landlord (RSL) operating primarily in Torfaen in South-East Wales.

Cwmpas (formally the Wales Co-operative Centre) is a development agency, seeking to positively influence our economy and society, putting people and planet first. This work has been funded by UK Government through SBRI – the Small Business and Research Initiative.

The survey should take about 15 minutes to complete.

Torfaen Homeseeker Launches it’s new Policy!

Published: Monday 11 July 2022

The Homeseeker Policy is the document that sets out how our service operates covering things like; who can join the register and who can’t, how we prioritise applications and how we allocate our homes. The last Homeseeker Policy was introduced in 2017 but over the last year or so we have been working on a review of the Policy and are happy to confirm that the new Policy has been implemented with effect from 11th July 2022.

Some of the key changes are;

  • The removal of Platinum Band
  • The removal of a designated Homeless Band (with these applicants moving to Gold Band)
  • Silver Band for families with young children living above ground floor will now only apply to children under 6 (instead of 10 as previously)
  • A review of property eligibility for separated parents with overnight access to children

As a result of the Homeseeker Policy changes, a small percentage of applicants may see their banding change. Applicants impacted by the policy change in relation to their band will receive notification in writing confirming the changes to their application.

Please click here to view a full copy of the new Homeseeker Policy.

Gwent Housing Support Open Day

Published: Thursday 3 February 2022

Gwent Housing Support Virtual Open Day

Diwrnod Agored Rhithiol Cymorth Tai Gwent


February 17th 2022 / online drop in event

Mis Chwefror 17fed 2022 /  Digwyddiad galw heibio ar-lein


Registration now open!

Cofrestru nawr ar agor!


For the first time Gwent housing support teams and support providers will be live online and we can’t wait to meet you at our first virtual event.

Am y tro cyntaf, bydd timau cymorth tai Gwent a darparwyr cymorth yn fyw ar-lein a ni gallu aros i gyfarfod chi ar ein digwyddiad rhithiol cyntaf.


This event provides an opportunity to drop in and meet a wide range of support provider organisations and the housing support commissioning teams.

Bydd y digwyddiad yn daparu cyfleoedd i galw heibio a cyfleoedd i gyfarfod gyda ystod eang o sefydliadau darparwyr cymorth a timau comisiynu cymorth tai


If you are interested in working in the housing support sector or want to find out more about what services are available then this exciting event is for you.

Mae’r digwydd hwn yn berffaith ar gyfer unrhywun sy’n cael ddidordeb mewn gweithio yn y sector neu sy’n eisiau ddysgu mwy am y gwasanaethau ar gael.


You can find out more and register for the event here: Gwent Housing Support OPEN DAY (

Gallwch gael rhagor o wybodaeth a chofrestru ar gyfer y digwyddiad yma: : Gwent Housing Support OPEN DAY (


Look forward to seeing you on the 17th!

Edrych ymlaen at eich gweld ar yr 17eg!



Mobile Friendly Website Upgrade

Published: Monday 13 July 2020

Welcome to the Homeseeker website, which has been recently upgraded to improve the experience of users accessing the site via a mobile phone or tablet.

Previously users of the website could only use their mobile phone to place bids.

Following the upgrade, users will now benefit from a mobile friendly format, which will allow them to:

  • apply to join the register,
  • update their information and
  • view all additional pages on the website.