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Shared Housing

What is Shared Housing?

Shared housing is where a property is rented out to two or more sharers in one home. People tend to share properties as students, work colleagues or friends.

Each occupant normally has their own bedroom but they share the kitchen, dining facilities, bathroom, WC, living room and all other parts of the home.

Shared Housing gives tenants financial and social benefits. Through more affordable rents, and shared utility costs, Shared Housing helps people achieve and sustain employment.

Why is it a good option?

It means that our partner landlords are able to offer affordable accommodation to those out of work, to students, to low paid workers and professionals when there is minimal stock of properties for single people. Two applicants wishing to share will be able to apply for 2 bedroom flats and maisonettes which can often offer shorter waiting times for rehousing.

When you live with other people, you will always have somebody by your side with whom to share your worries and happy moments. You will be able to expand your friend circle by meeting new people who are already friends of your flatmates/ housemates. Some people find it more convenient to live with peers as they can share household duties and responsibilities.

How do I apply?

All applicants wishing to apply for housing would need to make a joint application and follow the Homeseeker application process.